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Shipping and logistics

Manpower & HR Recruitment in Shipping and Logistics Industry

The shipping and logistics industry forms an essential part of today’s import and export industry. Around 90% of world trade is handled by the International shipping and logistics industry. There are 12 major and 187 minor/intermediate ports along the Indian coastline. Shipping/logistics is a global trade industry, which continuously expanding. It has its bright future prospects tied to economic activities across the globe. The activities in the shipping/ logistics industry include all sorts of planning, organization, maritime administration, ship finance, risk management, maritime law, etc. Different areas of the shipping/logistics industry are business plan, market study & analysis of container logistics, shipping logistics cost analysis, feasibility for container freight station (CFS) or inland container depot (ICD).

This industry gives a large number of jobs in shipping for dedicated employees. It requires huge and committed manpower to manage the functioning of different segments. Jobs in the shipping industry require qualified employees for ship management, and to fulfill the trading formalities. The shipping industry, not only is a source of employment for the people, who are directly a part of it but also offers employment to other inter-related industries.

Shipping  and Logistics Recruitment

Shipping and Logistics IndustryWe understand that the requirement of the shipping and logistics industry is very specific. Shipping industry jobs require a diverse workforce, who have the requisite skills to handle work on ships as well as logistics management. We have considerable expertise in providing staffing solutions to all segments of shipping logistics jobs, at different hierarchy levels. After understanding the client’s requirements completely for jobs in shipping and logistics, we select the right candidates, who have the desirable qualifications, relevant experience, and necessary training for the shipping recruitment process. We have an experienced team of professional shipping recruitment consultants who use their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry jobs, to select suitable candidates. A well-planned screening process guarantees individuals with talent, knowledge, and immense potential to grow with our clients. We are the most efficient partner for companies seeking efficient human capital solutions for shipping logistics jobs.

We have been successfully recruiting for the following job profiles for jobs in the shipping and logistics industry:

▪ Purchasing marine officers▪ Marine co-ordinates
▪ Freight logistic co-ordinates▪ Chief naval architects
▪ Shipping operation managers▪ Project manager jobs
▪ Health and safety officer's recruitment▪ Sr Executive Pricing Logistics
▪ Business development manager▪ Customer Co-ordinates' Logistics
▪ Quality manager▪ Purchase Managers Logistics
▪ Deck engineers▪ Accounts Managers (Logistics)