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Marine Industry

Manpower & HR Recruitment in Marine Recruitment

The marine industry is a significant industry in itself, as well as it is also a major service provider to other industries. Ship transport is a preferred mode for short trips and pleasure cruises. Sea carrier is the largest carrier of freight worldwide and is the most effective mode of transporting non-perishable goods in large quantities. Ship transport is used for a variety of raw materials like chemicals, petroleum products, bulk cargo, iron ore, cereals, bauxite, and so forth. The functioning of the ship depends upon the streamlined working of various departments and an efficient workforce. As the demand for manpower is growing, there is a constant requirement for both skilled and unskilled professionals.

Marine RecruitmentThe marine industry offers blue-collar as well as white-collar jobs for aspiring candidates. The continuous growth of this industry has led to an increased demand for personnel in the kitchen, restaurant, bar, hotel, and gym departments. There is also a steep rise in demand for marine engineer jobs along with marine officer, company health & safety officer, submarine designer, consultant naval architects, yacht builders, and marine equipment designers. The marine and shipping industry worldwide has a mixed workforce from countries like India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines. The industry requires more qualified candidates, with a committed attitude towards work and positivity towards their job profile which provides an increase in demand for marine recruitment.

Marine Recruitment

We are a single-window marine recruitment consultant for both; employers as well as job seekers. Our expertise encompasses staffing solutions for all levels across profiles for marine industry jobs.
The huge database for marine industry jobs satisfies all the segments of the industry. We have been actively conducting marine recruitment drives for profiles including marine engineer jobs, catering, health care, engineering, and other functionalities in the marine industry. Our well-connected network in the national as well as international domains helps us to provide ample choice to job seekers as well as recruiters. Our well-structured interviews and screening processes ensure potential candidates are apt for these marine industry jobs. We work in tandem with employers to provide them with the best marine recruitment solutions. We also assist the client in identifying the critical requirements of the job and enlist that requirement on the priority list.

We have been recruiting for the following job profiles in the marine recruitment industry:

▪ Purchasing Marine Officer▪ Dock Engineer · Dock Master
▪ Company Health & Safety Officer▪ Onshore Marine coordinator
▪ Submarine Designer▪ Engineer Superintendent Aberdeen
▪ Consultant Naval Architects▪ Marine Safety & Quality Manager
▪ Yacht Builders▪ Engineer Superintendent
▪ Marine Equipment Designers▪ Engineer Superintendent
▪ Blue Water Ship Owners, Operators, and Charterers▪ Business Development Manager