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Operation and Maintenance encompass a broad spectrum of services required to ensure a built environment that will perform the functions for which the facility was designed. It typically includes day-to-day activities necessary for the building to perform

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The power sector has been fueling the growth of the economy by providing an energy source for rapid industrialization. It has become the lifeline of factories, commercial establishments, homes, and even most recreational facilities. Lack of power

The shipping and logistics industry forms an essential part of today's import and export industry. Around 90% of world trade is handled by the International shipping and logistics industry. There are 12 major and 187 minor/intermediate ports along

The hospitality industry is a major service sector in the world economy. It encompasses an extensive variety of service industries including food service, tourism, and hotels. The several billion dollar industry mostly depends upon the availability of

Medical and Hospital Industry: The increasing health awareness amongst the masses has fueled the rapid growth and development of the Medical and Hospital Industry. It combines technology and the human touch to administer care for millions of

The marine industry is a significant industry in itself, as well as it is also a major service provider to other industries. Ship transport is a preferred mode for short trips and pleasure cruises. Sea carrier is

Engineering and Heavy Equipment primarily deal with the design, manufacture, and operation of structures, machines, or devices. The industry envisages chemical, civil, industrial, and mechanical engineering divisions, where the civil engineering division basically concerned with the activities

The construction industry accounts for around one-tenth of the world’s gross domestic product, seven percent of employment, half of all resource usage, and up to 40 percent of energy consumption. This industry has a real impact on

Oil and Gas Industry has been instrumental in fueling the rapid growth of the economy. The petroleum and natural gas sector includes transportation, refining, and marketing of petroleum products and gas constitutes. Its final products supply two-thirds

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The Banking and Finance Industry has become more diverse than ever. Economic reforms and industrial developments are rapidly changing hands, finding their way through various banking and finance institutions for a number of reasons. It has become

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